This is our reason for being; the very core of our company

We have a vision.

We aim to become a leader in innovation.

We want to bring forth new ideas and challenge current standards by bringing solutions that are new, efficient, and sustainable.

We aim to build a lasting enterprise that reflects the values that we hold dear. From the people we work with, to the ones we serve.

We are committed to become the top of mind solution and a meaningful collaborator in assembling technologies, talents and techniques that are humane and personalized for our clients.

We understand that this cannot be a single idealistic effort in this highly diversified industry.

Let us be partners, and let us work together in turning this plan into a legacy.

About Our Company

Discover the goals and the humble approach of our company

The UPSPI Approach extends high regard to quality electrical and construction works. From design, building, installation, servicing, to maintenance, UPSPI is your partner of choice to ensure that your electrical and construction requirements are met with quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

It is hinged in our deep industry expertise, unwavering professional discipline, and technological innovation, services, and solution. More than that, it is our passion to create pieces that are both innovative and timeless.

Contact Us

We have an enthusiastic sales team that is always available to handle the inquiries/request of our possible business partners/investors in the future.


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